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Kood Filters

Kood manufactures a huge range of camera fitting accessories including Filters, darkroom, Studio items and top quality professional video camera rigs, steady camera and associated items. Kood is popular among professionals and amateur photographers because of its complete range of products essential for photography, affordable prices and best quality.

Kood competes its Filters with top of the line available brands, like Hoya. Kood Japanese made Glass Filter line is best in its class as the performance is concerned. From Special Effect Filters up to the most routinely used filters, available in most popular sizes.

Kood Skylight Filter diminishes bluish tones and keeps skin tones natural and is ideal for outdoor photography. Kood Neutral Density (ND) Filters is ideal in extreme light intensity and help in capturing ideal photographs. Kood Infrared Filters is ideal for out door photography that produces pleasing warmer picture tones. Kood Circular Polarizer Filters are considered as an essential accessory to carry while out door photographing the scenes. Kood UV Protector Filters not only protects the precious lens front element, but also provides correction for UV light.

Kood 77mm UV Protector Glass Filter

Find out more about the Kood 77mm UV Protector Glass Filter

Kood 77mm UV Protector Glass Filter: Kood 77mm UV Protector Glass Filter is a lightweight and durable filter which is designed to provide correction for Ultraviolet light which can register as a bluish cast and can obscure dist

Price £11.80 
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